Thinking out Loud

I’m a complete scatter brain most days, I like to blame it on being a mom. I should just have my spare car key taken away from me because I spend more time looking for it than anything else. I’ve decided that today is a good day for some random thoughts, so I’m joining up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 8.49.52 PM1. We’re currently in the process of trying to get our house ready to sell. It’s just time. While these past few years have been lovely, we’ve simply outgrown our townhouse especially with the addition of our daughter. This is the first time that we have been through the house selling process so it’s really nerve-racking. We find new homes that we like, then they get sold. What if takes a while to sell our house but we buy one in the meantime and end up with 2 mortgages? It’s a bit maddening I tell you! Our basement is a total mess of boxes right now. Progress I guess?

The bird is always so helpful!

2. I love baking and pastries which is good since that’s what I do for a living, unfortunately I also love to eat said pastries. The struggle is real! Today I made these chocolate chai thumbprints that were delicious! Chai anything is amazing, but the best chai tea latte in my opinion is from Nordstrom. Seriously so good!

IMG_56483. Lily Trotters! I won some of these compression socks in a giveaway from Run Salt Run on my birthday. As soon as they arrived I had to take them out for a spin. They are amazing! Some of the other compression socks I have are very difficult to get on and I almost punch myself in the face doing so! These had just the right amount of compression and are super cute! Lily Trotters is a Baltimore-based company which is great because I love to support local businesses. They are in the early stages of development but if you put in your email address on their site, you’ll get updates and early-bird pricing! I know I plan to get several more pairs!

unnamedIMG_5667IMG_5653 4. This weather is amazing! We are finally seeing a break from the snow and below freezing temps! I’ve been running outside this week for the first time in what seems like forever but is really more like a week and a half. Yesterday’s run was pretty rainy, but it could be raining at the Rock’n’Roll DC half on Saturday so I considered it preparation. I’m super excited and nervous about this race. Training wasn’t as great as I wanted mostly due to the weather but I just want to have a good time and do the best that I can.


5. Lastly, this could be happening…..

indexYes, I’m pretty sure I’m going to Paris y’all! I probably shouldn’t try to jinx it but I’m so excited! My husband has an opportunity to go for work and I’m going to tag along. I totally want to run all over Paris. It’ll be amazing. This is a bucket list item of mine, so to actually get to go will be huge! I don’t even care that I’ll be by myself a lot since he’ll be working. That will give me time to explore the pastry shops which I know he doesn’t care too much about. The biggest problem will be leaving my daughter for the first time but she’ll be in good hands! Also my very sad wardrobe which pretty much only consists of workout attire. The people of Paris may just have to deal with it. I’m not exactly going to make a fashion statement. It’s going to be epic!

Thanks for listening to the random craziness! Enjoy the rest of your week and this weather!

Anyone else have an awesome trip coming up? What are your favorite compression socks?

6 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud

  1. Paris?! That’s amazing! I haven’t been since I was really little, but I’d love to go again some day 🙂 Especially since I didn’t get a chance to appreciate anything the city had to offer at that age. And I’ve got a trip to Hawaii coming up! Which I’m definitely looking forward to because… I can really use the sun 😆


    1. The thumbprints are great! I’m so excited to check out all of the pastry shops in Paris! I’ll have to do a lot of running while I’m there. Thanks so much Tina!


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