Training Week 9 (aka the week that winter defeated me)

To begin with, here is some lovely cheesecake that I made on Sunday!


This was not a great week weather wise. We had another pretty rough snow storm Monday into Tuesday, so it was really cold and the sidewalks were a mess. This is how my week went.

Monday: Rest day. Snow began.

Tuesday: Honestly, I just didn’t want to deal with the cold anymore. I did 3 miles on the treadmill that afternoon. This is why I keep my planet fitness membership. While I would much rather run outside, sometimes it’s just not possible. I also spent a half an hour shoveling the driveway Tuesday morning since I still had to go into work that day. People need their cookies!

Wednesday: 5 boring miles on the treadmill. I had a feeling that they would cancel our group run on Thursday because it was supposed to be frickin’ freezing so I just figured that I would try to get my 5 mile run in today.

Thursday: I ended up calling this a rest day since, sure enough they canceled the run. I was bummed but glad to avoid the cold at the same time. I figured that I would double up my workouts on Friday.

Friday: I had the day off from work so I went to Pure Barre in the morning. I bought a package of 5 classes off Amazon that I need to use up. I love Pure Barre! It’s an awesome workout and much harder than I realized it would be. I’d love to continue going after my package expires but it’s crazy expensive! So after that it was off to the Hershey Spa. I asked my husband for a pedicure from there for my birthday last year, well my birthday is coming around again in less than 2 weeks so I figured that I had better make use of it before my time was up. I got there early so I could get a few miles in on the treadmill then shower and relax before my appointment. While I do prefer to run outside, the view was quite nice. I did a quick 3 miles then enjoyed my spa day.


Saturday- I went to Orange Theory. It was a great class! Ahmad always has the best music to get me pumped.

Sunday- We were supposed to have a group run with my MRTT group but it was canceled because of the darn snow. I decided that since it was in the 40’s I had to get outside. No more treadmill for me! I even waited until afternoon thinking that the sidewalks would be clear but oh how wrong I was. I ran 10k, if you can call bounding through the snow running. I wanted to enjoy the weather but my feet were so soggy and cold. I really didn’t think that through. But I did it and I didn’t make my husband come get me. So, I guess it worked out. I need to go put my shoes by a vent to dry.

Have a great week! Here’s hoping for better weather this week!

Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon Training Week 8: February 9-15

I may not be the fastest runner out there but I’m certainly not the slowest either. I do the best I can. I would certainly love to BQ but that may be a lofty goal. Perhaps one day, when my daughter is a bit older and I have more time to dedicate to training. I love training! I’ve been using Hal Higdon’s free training programs. He has such a wide variety of programs for runners of all levels. Plus it’s free! Who doesn’t love that?! I really enjoy having a strict schedule to follow. It brings some sort of structure to the chaos. I actually print out the schedule and tape it to my bathroom mirror so I can constantly see it and have it in mind when planning my week. I like to cross each day off as I go along so it also gives me a sense of accomplishment. Having a training schedule really helps to keep me motivated, especially with these chilly temps! Obviously life happens, you get sick, injured or whatever so some flexibility is required but for the most part I’m great about sticking with my plan.

Monday- Rest day from the previous weekend. I love and hate rest days. Sometimes it’s hard to allow myself to relax.

Tuesday- 3 miles @ 8:40. It was a pretty good run especially with it being it the upper 30’s. My runs during the week are usually pretty short and sweet since I’m rushing to get them in prior to having to pick up my daughter from daycare.

Wednesday- 3 miles @ 9:25. I wasn’t feeling it today. That’s one of the down sides about afternoon runs. In the winter, it’s nice because it’s warmer but I’m already worn out from a long day at work. At least the weather was nice again.

Thursday- 5 miles @ 8:45. This is my Fleet Feet Running Club night. I always love those runs! Such great company! We were mostly focused on not freezing to death though.

Friday-Rest day. I hung out with my daughter while daddy went grocery shopping.

Saturday- 10 miles @ 9:57. Not my best effort and definitely much slower than I’d hoped for. It was pretty chilly but I’ve run in colder weather. For some reason, it felt much colder than 21 degrees. My face was numb! I only saw one other runner the whole time but Sunday’s weather is going to be much worse so I’m glad I stuck it out. I forgot to bring any Gus, so that may have been a contributing factor as well. Afterward we had a nice family brunch and stopped at Buy Buy Baby for a few things. IMG_5409


Sunday- I do my cross training on Sundays, which is usually Orange Theory. This week they cancelled it because of the weather. I was expecting an email or phone call though. Apparently they announced it on Facebook an hour before the class. I only allow myself enough time in the morning to do what I have to do and checking Facebook is not one of those things. So I was pretty bummed. I decided to get an early start on laundry since I also have to make some cheesecakes today for my husband to take to work. Hopefully I can make up the workout tomorrow. Have a great week! I’m off to check on some cheesecakes!

My first blog entry!

Hi all! I’ve been thinking about this first blog post for a while now. I’m not quite sure where to begin. I want this blog to focus on running, but I also know that other parts of my life will trickle in, like my husband and daughter as well as my love of pastry. I just want to be myself and if not everyone agrees with or likes what I have to say that’s okay.

How can you not love that adorable face?!

I ran 5 very chilly miles last night with my fleet feet running club. I look forward to that group run every Thursday night, weather permitting lately. Great people and great times! I’ve been having some discomfort in my hip lately which makes me a little nervous since I’m training for a half next month. It wasn’t too bad last night but I don’t think the cold helps at all! I have a feeling that my long run tomorrow morning isn’t exactly going to feel like a heat wave. I’m very much looking forward to spring!

This was from a fleet run over the summer. I highly recommend Fleet Feet!
This was from a fleet run over the summer. I highly recommend Fleet Feet!

I have 2 races on my schedule right now. I’m doing the Rock’n’Roll DC half next month then the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April. I’m so excited that I was picked in the Cherry Blossom lottery! That’s going to be beautiful run and I can’t wait! There are so many more that I’d love to do but so little time and money! Those registration fees add up quickly! I may do the Frederick half again this year. I did it last year and loved it! Frederick is such a beautiful city!

I’m also a pastry chef. I know that probably seems odd since runners are supposed to eat healthy and all. I run to eat I guess. Lately we’ve been working on new menu items for the spring. Yummy!

S'mores Macarons
S’mores Macarons
fruit tart
fruit tart

Well it’s been a long day already since I get up crazy early, so I’ll leave it at that for today. I’m figuring out this blog thing as I go along. I’ll be sure to let you know how my long run goes tomorrow.