Rock’n’Roll Training: Week 11

I can’t believe Rock’n’Roll is next week already! I’m excited and a bit nervous. I don’t think that I’m as prepared as I would like due to the crazy weather conditions this past month. In the future, I may have to reconsider a March race but I think that I did the best I could all things considered. I would have loved to of crawled under my nice down comforter and hibernated until Spring but I didn’t.

Monday-rest day. I had actually planned to get 3 miles in today, since my daughter had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday that could potentially make running difficult, but I just didn’t have enough time with running errands.

Tuesday- 3 miles. We took Haylie to her 18 month checkup today. I still can’t believe that she’s that old already! After we got back, my husband asked me if I wanted to go for a run. Heck yes! He knows me so well and he’s become very supportive of my running obsession. It was pretty chilly and the sidewalks were still looking rough so I hit the treadmill. The nice thing about the treadmill is that I can set it for a bit faster pace and push myself harder than I might normally. Plus it’s a much more consistent pace than when I run outside. Let’s just say that the past month with this awful weather the treadmill and I have made peace with one another. I still prefer to run outside but right now it’s not worth the risk.

Wednesday- 3 miles. I hit the treadmill again. I wasn’t really looking forward to this one as much and I kept trying to put it off but I knew I would be more angry with myself if I didn’t get it in. I am happy Planet Fitness finally got with the times and got scan cards instead of having to type in my account number every time. Yay!

Thursday-Unplanned rest day (aka my birthday). So remember that 60 degrees and sunshine that I had requested for my birthday? Yeah, that didn’t happen. Instead mother nature decided it would be super fun to send me about 9 inches of snow. Pretty awesome. I ended up having to put in a half day at work. I had packed gym clothes so I could go on my way home but it was bad enough at that point that I decided to pass and go home while I still could. It’s usually horrible trying to get up our road when it snows. So we watched the snow fall and took it easy. I was bummed cause all I really wanted to do was run outside with the Fleet Feet run club but eventually I made my peace with it. I’ve convinced myself that this will be the last of the snow and spring is right around the corner!

Friday- Pure Barre. I got up and went to the last Pure Barre class in my Amazon package. I’m a little sad that I won’t be going anymore but I can always take a class from time to time if I feel the need. I’m really glad that I was finally able to try it and that it was all that I hoped it would be. The instructor and I even had a great conversation about the Under Armour tights that I mentioned in my last post. I love getting complimented on my workout clothes!


IMG_5588Saturday-12 miles. It was 7 degrees when I woke up and I knew that there was no way the sidewalks were going to be clear less than 48 hours after the snow storm, so I decided to run it on the treadmill. I was totally dreading it honestly. I know I said that the treadmill and I have made peace but the longest I have ever run on it was about 5 miles. So I knew it was going to be a huge challenge mentally. Luckily, I took a cue from Sue at This Mama Runs for Cupcakes and I figured out how I could watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on my iPad. I don’t know if I could’ve done it otherwise. Grey’s got my through the first half and my favorite hard rock strength training Pandora station got me through the rest. The last 4 miles were hard but I pushed through. Apparently the treadmills are not meant to be run on for that amount of time. I ended up breaking it up into 6 and 6 because the longest I could set the time for was 60 minutes. It really wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated and I was pretty proud of myself for being able to stick it out. I’m glad I didn’t take the risk of getting injured or sick from running outside in the snow again.

Smiling because my fingers are not frozen this week!
Smiling because my fingers are not frozen this week!
Two more of my favorite things! I have a weakness for anything pink lemonade flavored.
Two more of my favorite things! I have a weakness for anything pink lemonade flavored.

Sunday- Orange Theory. We had a new trainer today so that was a little awkward but I’m sure it was for him as well. Like any new job, it takes some getting used to. Still got a great workout!

Have a great week! Good luck to all those who are racing next weekend! I’m hoping the weather forecast in DC gets better. It’s supposed to be pretty rainy as of right now, but it’s still too early to tell. I’ll take rain over snow and ice any day!

What’s your favorite way to workout besides running? Are you as ready for Spring as I am?!

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