Weekend Update #1

IMG_6016It’s Monday and this week I’m linking up with Tara for an edition of Weekend Update!  This is my 1st time participating and I’m excited to share my weekend with you all and to see what everybody else did as well.



So my weekend actually began Thursday afternoon this week. It’s a little slower at work this week so I was given Friday off. Yay! It’ll get busier soon enough so I’ll take a three day weekend whenever I can get it! Thursday afternoon my husband and I picked up our daughter from daycare and took her to the park for little while to enjoy the beautiful weather. IMG_6027IMG_6031Then I did my usual Fleet Feet run club 5 miler. I’m loving this warmer weather! I stopped on my way home to grab some dinner for us.


Not much exciting happened today. I was dragging a little so mostly I just played around with my daughter while my husband did the grocery shopping. Haylie is really loving this weather too. She is constantly saying that she wants to go outside. My husband made us a yummy dinner on the grill and also a fresh tomato, cucumber and onion salad.


I got up and got in a 6 mile run. It’s also nice that the sun is rising earlier again now. I passed this guy around mile 5 then happened to look back and see that he was trying to keep up my pace. We had a mini race and my last mile was my fastest, so that’s always exciting. I felt good afterward. Then we all went to the Outlets to get some clothes shopping. I got a few things to wear in Paris and Haylie got some summer jammies since her fleece winter ones seem way too heavy now. My husband was even able to find a few things that he liked. We enjoyed some lunch at Denny’s then went home so Haylie could get her nap time in. In the evening we played outside with the puppies. Everyone seemed to benefit from some fresh air.


I got up and headed to Orange Theory. This is my workout of choice on Sunday mornings. I didn’t go last week because of the Cherry Blossom race so the last time I was there was on Easter. There were quite a few more people in attendance today. The remainder of Sunday was spent washing laundry and other general household chores. I tried to go through Haylie’s clothes and pack up most of the heavier clothes or anything that’s too small. It’s crazy how fast she is growing up! All in all it was a pretty productive day.

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying this amazing weather?


19 thoughts on “Weekend Update #1

  1. Heehee, I’m laughing about racing random people. This happens to me all the time in the pool, although occasionally on a run, too. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I’m loving the increased daylight as well. Have a good week.


    1. It seems like they are opening up several more in this area, so hopefully you’ll get an Orange Theory that is convenient to you. I wouldn’t want to drive too far either.


  2. Alanna, thanks so much for linking up with the blog! Oh, my gosh…we have an Orange Theory Fitness opening here next month and I CANNOT wait! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy it; I’ve had so many blogging/running pals in other states talk about it and they love it, too.


    1. I definitely love Orange Theory! They must be doing well since I’ve heard about several new ones opening up. That’s great that they are opening one near you! I hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks for having the link-up. It’s such a fun idea!

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  3. Thank goodness spring is finally here! It sounds like a wonderful weekend!
    Ours was great too…lots of time spent outside. We went to the zoo on Saturday and it was actually HOT (like I was sweating) and I LOVED it. 🙂


    1. Haha I hear ya! I never thought I’d be so happy to be hot and sweaty. I really want to go to the Baltimore zoo. It looked nice when I got to run through part of it at the marathon last year.


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