Zengo Cycle


“Zengo Cycle is a full-body, cycle-centric workout for your body and mind that will Rock Your Day.” 

IMG_7596There are 5 locations in the DC area: Bethesda, Logan Circle, Kentlands, Mosaic and Cathedral Commons. I chose the Kentlands since it’s the closest to me and signed up for a 6am class with Christy. Online sign-up was pretty easy and your first class and shoe rental are both free. Once you register online the first class credit is automatically applied to your account. You pick which bike you want to use for the class. It didn’t really matter to me other than I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to be in the front of the class.

I was greeted right away by a friendly staff member. She gave me shoes, showed me the lockers and then set up my bike. This was my first time in cycling shoes and they are so strange to walk in. I didn’t realize that the shoes click into the pedals. I was slightly terrified of getting injured during class because my hands got all sweaty. I could just picture my hands slipping and me face planting all while still attached to the bike. If anyone is going to get injured, it’s going to be me. Thankfully this didn’t happen.

IMG_7597The room was dimly lit and the studio was filled with Schwinn Cycling bikes. Clip in shoes are a requirement. They rent the shoes for $3 per class after your initial free visit. I loved the atmosphere in the room especially with it being so early I really didn’t want to deal with bright light.

There is a short arms circuit towards the end of the class using light weights. I could really feel the burn using only 2 pound weights!

It was a great class and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know that I would go back just because the $22 per class is a little pricey for me, but if I got another chance to go for free I would be all about it. The music was absolutely awesome by the way. That might have been my favorite part of class. It was such a great mix of songs. I told my husband, when I got home, that I really wanted the instructors playlist. Also now I really want a new bike, but I should get my old one fixed up first so that I’m sure I will really use it.

Have you tried Zengo Cycle?

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6 thoughts on “Zengo Cycle

  1. I would love to try out one of those classes sometime, but the price scares me away! I just take a spinning class at my gym and I really like it. It’s mostly older people so it’s a pretty chill environment. I love the instructors though and they always have great music! Nice review 🙂


  2. Sounds VERY cool! I wish there was a location nearer to Baltimore that I could try. And I extra wish that classes like this weren’t so expensive! Most of the time I just take spin at the gym since it’s factored into my membership fee.


    1. That is so nice when classes are factored into your gym membership. I don’t know why they have to be quite so pricey. More people would probably try it out if it was a little more affordable.


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