So this is happening…

I figured that I should officially announce that I am training for my 2nd marathon. I have big goals for this race, but I don’t know if I’m quite there yet. Only time will tell. I recently read a quote that said “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” So I guess there is nothing wrong with having slightly terrifying goals. This was kind of a spur of the moment decision on my part so I didn’t really put as much time into training as I would have liked to. I’ve been training for Ragnar so I had a pretty good base to start with at least.
I happened to be on Facebook one day and saw several people from back home posting about the half marathon. I wondered when the full was and when I checked it happened to be the day after my sister-in-law’s wedding. We will be in town for the wedding, plus I’m making the cake. I took it as a sign that I simply had to run in that race. My husband was concerned with me getting enough sleep, but who really gets a good night’s sleep before a race any way?
It is only those who believe in their ability who shine when it matters.
-Maurice Greene
IMG_7598So I’m excited and terrified!

12 thoughts on “So this is happening…

  1. I knew something was up with your increased mileage….is this the downhill race?

    Excited for you! I have decided for my 45th bday-i will run a marathon. I have 3 1/2 yrs to decide which one will be the 1st-haha!

    Miss you much-r u running this weekend?


    1. It’s not the downhill race, that one is in Scranton actually. Although I would still love to do that one day, but this is a really flat course. I love Presque Isle and I think this will be a great race.
      That’s an awesome 45th bday goal. I love it!
      Miss you too! I did 18 last weekend, so this weekend I’m cutting back before my 20 miler next weekend. I’ll probably do 14 or so.

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  2. Yay congratulations!! I’ve never done this race, but in May I did the Biggest Loser half in Erie. It was a great course and I bet you’ll love it!! Looking forward to following your progress and cheering you along the way πŸ™‚


  3. Alanna, I know a gal who ran this one, specifically, for her Boston qualifier; she had a great run and loved the course! I’m so excited for you!!! Can’t wait to follow along in your journey and I know you’re going to do great!


  4. I hear this is an AWESOME race and it was actually on my list of races I was thinking of running this fall! I ended up choosing a local half marathon for that weekend instead. BUT – I hear it’s awesome – and when I was considering it, I asked Yasso about it because he is the marathon guru and he highly recommended it. Actually, I don’t think he’d ever actually been to that one but word on the street in his offices was that it’s pretty amazing and conducive to PRs and BQs. You are totally going to rock this! I live in PA, but clear across the state or I would come cheer!


  5. Yay! I’m glad you made the announcement πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a really great race and I know you’re going to kick butt!


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