Weekly Update: 6/22-6/28

It’s Monday, so I’m linking up with Tara for another edition of Weekend Update! Weekend-EditionThis was a crazy week, mostly due to customer induced insomnia. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but this person had me so stressed out. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards, in case you didn’t know. Anyway, I’m glad that is over with.

Monday- 4 miles @ 8:33 pace. Haylie was sick so I was staying home with her. I still got up early so that I could get a run in before she woke up and before my husband left for work. I really enjoyed being able to run in the morning since it’s so much cooler this time of year. I got to see a beautiful sunrise and a turtle!

IMG_7008IMG_7009Tuesday- rest day

Usually Monday is my rest day, but I had a hair appointment on Tuesday so I decided to mix it up. I only get my hair cut a few times a year and I don’t like spending a small fortune only to immediately ruin it afterward.  We also got a pretty crazy storm that night.

The calm after the storm.
The calm after the storm.

Wednesday- 4.5 miles of track work. We did a 3 lap warm-up followed by a 5×400 two person relay, a 2 lap cool down, another 5×400 two person relay and finished up with a 3 lap cool down. We were paired with someone who ran a similar pace so that our recovery time was about the same. I’m loving these relays! It’s a fun way to mix things up.

IMG_7023Thursday- 8.6 total miles

I ran 3.6 miles with a co-worker before work again, while ranting about previously stated customer. See running is free therapy!

Then we took Haylie to her 2nd swim class.

IMG_7053Later I ran 5 miles with Fleet Feet. It was rainy so we ran a different route which kept us closer to the store in the event of a torrential downpour. I also got a lovely, bright pink shirt from CEP which I can’t wait to wear! Apparently they don’t sell them, so that makes it extra special. I do have a pair of their compression sleeves on my never ending wish list of things that I “need.”

Friday-rest day

Saturday- I decided to order the Iron Strength workout for Runners DVD which I learned about from Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes. I was all set to go for my long run that morning. I had laid out my clothes the previous night and everything, but the minute that the sun came out it began to rain. The forecast looked horrible. I don’t mind short runs in the rain but I need my music for long, solo runs and I don’t think that rain is good for headphones. I should’ve planned ahead and switched my long run to Sunday and Orange Theory to Saturday.

More than that though, toward the end of my Fleet Feet run on Thursday I was feeling a twinge of the old IT band pain. I had this problem when I was marathon training last year as well. It didn’t end up being anything major at the time thankfully. I got an MRI and my doctor said “well either you’ll be able to run the marathon or you won’t.” Excuse me sir, but you are clearly not a runner. At that point, I would’ve dragged my lifeless body over the finish line if that’s what it took. I digress, I’ve been meaning to incorporate more strength training into my routine in hopes of avoiding further injury and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out my new DVD.

It was a great workout and I know that I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. I may or may not have cursed him out a few times. 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. I was a little concerned because of the stitches in my elbow and having very limited space to work with. The space wasn’t an issue at all. I had plenty of room to work with amongst my daughter’s toys in the living room. My elbow wasn’t a problem either until the planks at the very end of the workout, so I had to do a little improvising. I’m hoping this workout will help to improve my running.

IMG_7055This was the first Saturday since I can remember that I skipped my long run. I know that it was the right decision though, especially with my 11 Ragnar teammates and Girls on the Run of MoCo counting on me in October. I’m the worst at telling people to listen to their bodies, but never heeding my own advice. I’m incredibly stubborn that way.

After I showered, it was time to deliver a cake to DC.

IMG_7058Since it was rainy and I was exhausted, the rest of the day was mostly spent relaxing on the couch in my yoga pants, which I think is the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. I watched my first episode of American Ninja Warrior and I’m afraid that I’m hooked. The upper body strength of some of those people alone is absolutely amazing! If they ever came to the DC area I think would be so fun to try out, not that I’m strong enough by any means, but it would be a cool experience. I also indulged in a glass of wine. I never drink these days, except for when I was in Paris, but this week certainly called for some wine. Then I slept for an amazing 7 hours!

Sunday-Orange Theory

I felt so much better after a good night’s sleep, mostly mentally because my body hurt from my Iron Strength workout the previous day. My knee actually felt good today, much to my surprise. Maybe it was just a little flare-up. That’s what I’m going with anyway. The rest of my day was spent washing laundry as per usual. Oh how I love laundry day. 🙂

I did enjoy this yummy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie for breakfast. Recipe courtesy of Allison @ Inverted Sneakers.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Have you ever watched American Ninja Warrior? What do you recommend for strength training workouts? Any tips for dealing with IT band issues?

If you would like to help me reach my fundraising goal for Girls on the Run, I’m including the link below. Every little bit helps and would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Alanna’s Girls on the Run Ragnar Relay Fundraiser Page


17 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 6/22-6/28

  1. That’s really cool to do relays as a way to complete interval work! I haven’t made it out to a track yet – my intervals still going down on a treadmill this year. I struggled with IT band the first time I built for a marathon. For me a combination of changing shoes (I had too much support for pronation which I needed more of a neutral), strength work – lots of 1 leg stuff, and stretching helped me kick it and it hasn’t returned.


    1. Thanks for the advice, Kelli! I’m afraid that my current favorite shoes are getting a little old too. I’m hoping trying to incorporate more strength work will work for me.


  2. Sounds like a great week except for the work stress but yes, running is good for that! I think we all need a rainy Saturday afternoon in yoga pants and wine every once in a while, it is good for the soul! Have a great week!


  3. Oh sure, now *I* need another DVD. I’m afraid I have an exercise DVD addiction to go with all my other addictions. I don’t know how I missed that one! I think I needed to place an amazon order soon anyway.

    That cake is gorgeous!

    I have IT issues. I just never know when they’ll rear their ugly head. Usually around my taper, when it’s too late to do anything about it. So far this year so good, but we’re only half through. I’ve been using some exercises from Runner’s World for a few months now, but one of them is side planks & suddenly I can’t lay on my side, even for a short time, without intense pain in my shoulder blade. 😦


    1. Haha there is always something that I “need”, Judy!

      Thanks so much. Those stripes were a little tedious. My OCD never helps either.

      Sorry to hear about your shoulder blade. I hope it’s feeling better soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I know, my list is always quite long, too. I was sad the DVD wasn’t on Amazon so I can’t get it in 2 days. The shoulder blade is fine as long as I’m not laying on my side – unfortunately I’m a side sleeper – at least I figured what aggravates it & try to avoid it. Luckily running doesn’t bother it.


  4. Well, Alanna, you and Sue are going to force me to buy this DVD; I already have the book (and I’ve done the workout a few times), but I think the DVD might be helpful, as well. It’s a KILLER workout, right?!? JEEZ! Kudos to you for getting through it, because I know it’s tough. I definitely feel better AFTER doing those types of exercises, though; probably why your knee felt better. Thanks so much for linking up with the blog; hope your Monday is going well!


  5. Awesome job!! I hope those IT band tweaks you had go away. I’ve been thinking about getting the Iron Strength workout as well. Sounds like a winner! And I sure need some more strength too!
    Also, American Ninja Warrior is super addicting! Well, I only watch it if I happen to be flipping through when it’s on TV, but it’s so interesting to watch the strength those people have. I love that there are some girls out there proving themselves too 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, Charissa! I really want to start focusing more on my strength training. I know that I’ve really neglected it in the past.
      There are some really awesome girls on American Ninja Warrior! I can’t imagine the training for that!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve never watched AJW or done a Ragnar. (I could almost be tempted by a Ragnar)

    I do a bunch of different light strength work – from my chiro, from the gait analysis I got, from Coach Jay Johnson, from Meb’s book and other running references onilne and in print. I’ll be interested to know what you think of IronStrength – I stopped myself from buying it as I’ve bought too many similar (Runner’s Connect for one) adnd not used them.

    Pretty cake!


    1. I really like Iron Strength so far. I think the challenge for me will be to actually stick with it. It’s hard for me to stay motivated when it comes to working out at home. The only time I really stuck to something like that was when I did Jillian Michaels ’30 Day Shred’ DVD. I was on maternity leave at the time and it was really the only thing I could do. That is also a good workout by the way. Thanks!


    1. I agree, consistency and probably timing are key. This week I did the workout on Friday afternoon then ran 10 miles on Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, I could barely move. Not a wise decision on my part. I love that he also has shorter workouts if you don’t have as much time.


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