Five Things I was Doing Ten Years Ago

DC_linkupIt’s the Friday Five with: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Five Things I was Doing Ten Years Ago. This topic, combined with going through old pictures, had me laughing pretty good. It was certainly a nice trip down memory lane. I almost don’t even recognize myself. Ten years ago I had short hair, was very tan and had a nice manicure and pedicure. It is pretty crazy how much I’ve changed since then. Not for better or worse, just very different. Social media and iPhones had not yet entered my life either.  Wow!

Having a conversation with my mom at a party.
Having a conversation with my mom at a party.

1. Living in Texas- My husband (then boyfriend) and I were living in an apartment in Texas while he finished up his PhD. I really miss Texas sometimes, especially in the winter. I do not miss that 24+ hour drive home though.

2. Driving an evil Honda Civic- That darn car is the reason why I will never buy a used car. I was driving loaner cars for the first 6 months after purchasing it due to transmission problems, electrical problems and the exhaust falling off twice. The first time was less than 24 hours after I bought it. Good times! One of my loaners was a mini van which is pretty mortifying when you are in college. I finally got rid of that car when the brakes rusted through and it tried to kill me.

3. Working at Red Lobster- I worked at RL for a total of 6 years between Texas and Pennsylvania. The irony in this is that I’m allergic to seafood. I always carried both Benadryl cream and tablets. I loved the people who I worked with though and it’s a great way to make a decent amount of cash. Waiting tables is hard work, but something I feel that everyone should experience. It gives you a totally different outlook on dining out.

4. Oscar Meyer (and fire ants) enter our lives- We got Oscar on my husband’s birthday almost exactly 10 years ago. I found a picture of him online and fell in love. He was the sweetest thing! The day we got him was also the day that we got fire ants all over our yard. What a nightmare that was! Before he was Oscar, the breeder had named him Double Trouble. Possibly that was an indication of things to come? He’s really been a good boy though. Oscar always loves to gives kisses or lick you to death, however you prefer to look at it.

This was the picture online. I couldn’t resist that little face!

smiling for the cameracrazy puppy5. Not Running- I was working out but nowhere near as much as I am now. My work out consisted of doing this balance ball routine 3x/week, which is certainly better than nothing. I had no desire to run at all. I remember trying to run a few times, but it wasn’t for me back then.

My husband used to love making fun of me when I did this workout.
My husband used to enjoy making fun of me when I did this workout.

It’s certainly been a great ten years! The last 2 years have gone by in a whirlwind since having our daughter. It’s a little strange to think of a time when she wasn’t around. It will be interesting to do this again in ten years and look back to see how much has changed. Here’s to the next ten years!

What were you doing ten years ago?


25 thoughts on “Five Things I was Doing Ten Years Ago

  1. This is great! 10 years ago I was definitely not running OR working out – I was partying it up in college, getting ready to graduate! Oh, how time flies…and how things change!! Might have to link up and do a post like this later if I get a chance, so fun to read these!

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  2. Oscar is so cute! We got our dogs at about the same time. Sadly Chester is in heart failure, but Lola’s pretty healthy.

    And I was living in TX too! I do not miss summer or fire ants, but I do miss Austin.

    That’s really scary that you were working at RL!


    1. Thanks Judy! He’s such a sweet boy and I can’t believe he’s to already! Sorry to hear about Chester, but I’m glad that Lola is pretty healthy.

      I never made it to Austin, but I loved San Antonio, Galveston and Houston. We lived in College Station since my husband went to A&M.


  3. No social media and iphone-is that possible!

    Nice trip down memory lane!

    I am terrible at remembering things like this-i was thinking about it last night and it was really hard. Without pictures, my memory is shot! My sister was the photographer then-i need to see what she has-haha!


    1. I know, right?! How did we live without smart phones? lol

      I’m terrible at remembering too. I had to go back and find pictures just so I could remember. My husband is the photographer in our family. He has a good eye for it.

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  4. Oh, my gosh! I love this, Alanna! I can’t believe Oscar is ten years old; that is wild. Those puppy pictures are adorable. I am from Texas (moved to Arkansas in 2000) and also worked at a Red Lobster in Texas (Denton, close to the university I attended); my roommate and I both worked there and then went out after our shifts and spent all of our money – ha! Thanks so much for sharing this; hope you have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks so much, Tara! I can’t believe he’s that old already. Time flies! That’s so funny that you used to work at Red Lobster too. Having plenty of cash at your disposal can be dangerous. We lived in College Station since my husband went to A&M. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  5. You worked at Red Lobster?! I worked at Olive Garden! (Darden restaurant workers unite haha). Waiting tables is a tough job. I only did it seasonally when I was home from school but I did it for about 2.5 years. I will tip well for the rest of my life – unless the waiter is really god-awful.

    And Oscar is such a little cutie ^_^


    1. Haha yes! I had some great times working at Red Lobster. That’s also where I met one of my best friends who introduced me to my husband. The service has to be extremely bad for me not to tip well. Thanks so much, Charissa! Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! That’s awesome that you still have your car from 10 years ago. I think the longest that I’ve had the same car is maybe 5 or 6 years.


  6. Oscar is adorable! It looks like he has adorable freckles! How could you resist that? 10 years ago, I had started going to the gym but still had not tried running yet.


    1. I know, right?! There was no way that I could resist that adorable face. Thanks!

      It’s funny how a lot of people don’t get serious about running until they are a little older. There is no way that I would’ve run back in college.


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