Free Friday: 5 Things I want to do while in Paris

DC_linkup It’s the Friday Five with: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Free Friday, so I figured that I would ponder 5 things that I would like to do while I’m in Paris next week. What a perfect time to have free Friday!

1. Eiffel Tower-Obviously I have to see and at least go part way up the Eiffel Tower! It’s such an iconic symbol of Paris and I’m sure that it won’t disappoint. index2. Pastry Shops-I also must visit lots of pastry shops, which I’m certain there won’t be a shortage of. I don’t think that I will need to eat again for a month after I return but I consider it research for my job.

3. Arc de Triomphe- I think this is right near where we are staying so it should be easy enough to get to. I hear the view from the top is amazing!

4. River Seine- I’m hoping to run along the river in the morning. I think watching the sunrise there would be so beautiful, but since I’ll be on vacation maybe I will actually sleep in past 4am. We’ll see.

5. Window shopping- I know they have some incredible purses, clothing, etc. over there that cost a small fortune, but it doesn’t hurt to look.

There are so many things to do in Paris! These were just the first things that came to mind. While it’ll be hard to leave Haylie behind, I’m sure this trip will be amazing and a good bonding experience for my husband and I.

Do you have any recommendations on things to see/do while in Paris?


20 thoughts on “Free Friday: 5 Things I want to do while in Paris

  1. Ok, make sure you see the twinkle lights on the Eiffel Tower at midnight…bring a picnic blankets, so bread, cheese, chocolate and wine! Palais Garnier, the Opera House….AMAZING. One of the highlights of my trip. We stayed by the Arc as well but we didn’t get a chance to go up. Walk down Champs de Elysees. The pastry shops are amazing, but I recommend you look away from the touristy areas for some more authentic experiences. I mean they are all authentic, but the touristy places are way overpriced and not as good. Send me an email and I can give you some more tips!

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  2. So excited for you. What about the Louvre? I don’t have any other recommendations cuz I’ve never been but I would love to go one day so I can’t wait to read all about your adventures when you’re back!


  3. I live in Paris, in part for all the reasons you cited above. Be careful of the pick pockets at the Eiffel tower. The employees have been on strike because they spend so much of their time managing pick pockets … it has really gotten out of hand. Same thing at the Louvre. If you like chocolate, try “Chocolat Africain” (it is a hot chocolate drink) at Angelina’s tea house, on rue de Rivoli, near the Tuileries. To die for. Walk around Abesses and Montmartre, very charming part of the city. Have a great time !


    1. Thanks so much for all of the tips and suggestions, Karen! I appreciate it! I absolutely love chocolate, so Angelina’s tea house sounds prefect. I’m so excited!


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