My First Track Workout

This past Wednesday, I did my very first track workout! I was so excited to meet some new people and incorporate a new workout into my routine. I’ve been wanting to do track work for a while now, as I’m sure it’s one of the best ways to get my speed up if I’m ever going to be able to BQ one day, but I didn’t know where to begin. I found out that the LUNA Chix do a track workout every week from Cynthia @ You Signed up for WHAT?! and thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for me.

It was difficult but I loved it and hope to make it a regular part of my workout routine, as long as my job is alright with me being a little late on Wednesdays. I got to see an amazing sunrise which is a wonderful way to start the day and everyone was really friendly! It was nice to get my run in before work and also to beat the heat. I had a little bit of a runner’s high afterward which made the workday more pleasant and it also seemed to go by quickly.

IMG_6219Our workout consisted of an 800m warm-up, 1600 at 5k pace, then 8: 400s followed by an 800m cool down. I was able to keep pretty consistent times and even picked up the pace a little on the last 400.

IMG_62214 miles of track work completed before 7am!

IMG_6242On the Go Sports Towels are amazing! I used these once I got to work since I knew that I wouldn’t have time for a shower. I was a little nervous since I’ve never worked out then gone anywhere without a shower but they worked really well. Other than my hair not being clean, I felt nice and refreshed. Bring on the day!

Do you love track work? Have you tried these or other sports towels?


8 thoughts on “My First Track Workout

  1. I love the Luna Chix workouts. I went to them several times in Arlington, they do one every Thursday there. Unfortunately it’s too far and the timing is off for me now, but I LOVE speed work!! I always feel so accomplished after I’m done!


  2. I love doing track workouts when they are 400’s and 800’s. But I hate doing 1600’s or more on the track. Speeding around once or twice – sure…four times?! Are you out of your mind?! Haha. Glad you enjoyed it!


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