Five Ways to Organize your Running /Fitness Gear


It’s the Friday Five with: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Five Ways to Organize your Running /Fitness Gear. Honestly, this topic made me laugh. I’m not sure that I should be the one telling you my organizing tips. I’m terrible at organizing right now! I can’t wait to see what advice everyone else has to offer! Here goes nothing…..

1. 31 tote: This is my main form of organizing my running gear. All my accessories are tossed in this tote from 31 that my mom gave me. Although, without said tote I can only imagine the chaos that would take place. I have everything from hand warmers to Nuun to my roller in there. Sometimes I really have to dig for things.

2. Box of Fuel: Inside my tote, I try to keep a separate small box which contains all of my fuel: Gu, waffles, etc. That being said, I still find those things in other random places. I know that I have Gu hanging out in my bathroom right now.

3. “Gym Bag”: I have another small bag which doubles as my gym bag. It is actually a Lululemon shopping bag that I got last winter when I bought an ear warmer. Let’s be honest, that place is crazy expensive but they do have nice bags. Anyway, in this bag I keep my accessories that I use pretty much every run regardless of the season. This mostly includes my headphones, the case that I put my phone in when I’m running and a spare house/car key so that I don’t have to deal with my entire key ring. I like to keep these things separate so that they are easier to find. I also keep my heart rate monitor for Orange Theory and more Nuun in there.

4. Clothes: I’m not sure that I have an organization system in place for my clothes. I have way more workout clothes than normal clothes so they are everywhere. I like to hang my running jackets up in my closest but everything else is all over the place. I could at least put some seasonal organization into action.

5. Shoes: I do keep all of my running/workout shoes on a rack by my front door since they get used more than most of my other shoes. During the winter, I like to bring them upstairs the night before my long run so they can warm up (our basement is very cold in the winter). I’m a big wuss these days when it comes to the cold. Thankfully, I’m rid of that problem for the next few months!

Sorry I’m not very helpful with organizational tips!

How do you organize your running/fitness gear?


18 thoughts on “Five Ways to Organize your Running /Fitness Gear

    1. Thanks Gretchen! Totes and boxes are great for organization. We’ve put all of our daughter’s clothes that she has outgrown into bins in the attic. Makes like so much easier.


  1. Oof, I suck at organizing my running stuff! I have a drawer dedicated to all my running clothes, but the rest of my stuff could be hiding anywhere. The only type of organization I have is laying everything I need out the night before a race or long run. Other than that, I’m a wild child!


  2. My new organization key has been stackable pant hangers! I stack my skirts and capris like that now and it has been life changing!


  3. Alanna, I love your use of the old Lululemon bag to stash your “everyday” run items; I have tons of those that I’ve been using for lunch bags (hey…they last!) and this would be a great idea to keep everything together by the door. Baby steps, right?!? 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend, my dear!


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