Race Day Survival Tips


It’s the Friday Five with: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Race Day (spin it any way you want!), so I decided to offer you my tips to surviving race day. I hope you find them to be useful.

1. Allow yourself plenty of time in the morning so you don’t feel rushed. I set out everything that I need the night before so I’m not trying to search for things in the dark since everyone else is still asleep in my house. I like to get up really early so I can get to the race with plenty of time to spare. Once I’m there I can hang out in my car or walk around if it’s not freezing. If I’m running late, it gives me anxiety and I just don’t need that added stress on race day. Once I’m there I feel like a huge burden has been lifted.

2. Eat a good breakfast far enough ahead of time so that it doesn’t upset your stomach for the race. I have to eat at least 2 hours before I run or I tend to get cramps and an angry stomach. My race day go-to breakfast is a PB and honey sandwich with bananas and cinnamon. It hasn’t let me down yet and it’s yummy!

3. Hydrate and fuel properly along the way. I bring my own Gu and have them stuffed in all the pockets of my favorite race day capris. They are my favorite simply because of the amazing amount of pockets that they have. Staying hydrated usually isn’t too difficult since there are plenty of Gatorade/water stations along the course. Slow down if you need to. Sometimes it can be difficult to run and drink simultaneously.

4. Pace yourself! Whatever you do, do not start out too fast. You will regret it! Start off a little slow for the first mile or two then find a comfortable pace and stick with it. (my husband actually told me this before my first race and it was amazing advice) Finish strong!

5. Most importantly, just relax and enjoy the race. Soak in all of the adrenaline and emotions. Trust in your training and yourself! You’ve got this!

What’s your best advice for surviving race day?


17 thoughts on “Race Day Survival Tips

  1. Great list!!

    Don’t start out too fast…still working on that one! In all the excitement, take off too fast every time!

    Enjoy the race. I get so competitive and focused on my time, I often forget to to this too.

    All a work in progress for me 😉


    1. It’s a work in progress for me too. I want to enjoy the race so badly since I’ve spent months training for it, but my competitive nature and goals can make that difficult.

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  2. Alanna, I really think I need to commit to eating breakfast earlier; I usually end up waiting too long and then I feel like I can’t really eat much. Thanks so much for the reminder! I have a race tomorrow – woo hoo! Hope you have a great weekend.


    1. It can be difficult to make myself get up early enough so that I have enough time for a full breakfast but I think it pays off in the end. I hope you have a great race tomorrow! Good luck!

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  3. Yes to all of these things! I have always had a hard time fitting in a good breakfast before a big race and this last one was the first when I really made a point to wake up super early and get some fuel in. It made such a huge difference!


  4. I can’t agree more with “once I’m there I feel like a huge burden is lifted”. It’s the logistics that I stress over. I agree with eating breakfast two hours prior!


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