Weekly Recap: Cherry Blossom 10 miler Training (1 week to go!)

I had a few new fun things to try out this week. The Brooks Ravennas that I ordered finally arrived and I’m loving them so far! New shoes rock!

Overall it wasn’t the best week but I made it through. The warmer temperatures are definitely helping!

Monday- 3 miles on the treadmill. This would normally be my rest day but I decided to switch it out with Tuesday. I wanted to run outside but it felt pretty chilly and windy, and honestly I just didn’t feel like dealing with it.

Tuesday- Rest day. I had a hair appointment and since I hardly ever get my hair done I’m not usually in a rush to mess it up.

Wednesday- 6 miles @ 9:30 pace. It was a nice 54 degrees! Spring seems to finally be here and this was my first run in my new shoes.


Thursday- 3 miles @ 10:30 pace + deep water running. It was a beautiful day at almost 60 degrees but still pretty windy. I had the day off so I spent it with my daughter. I took her out for a run for the first time in months since it’s been so cold. I forgot just how much harder it is pushing her in the stroller while running and she has only gotten bigger since the last time. I had hoped to get in 5 miles but Haylie was getting impatient with me and not really enjoying it so I called it quits after 3 miles. I wanted her to have a good time too. So we walked around a bit and looked at duckies and turtles then went to lunch at First Watch. She is growing up so fast and wants to be independent now.

Usually I run with Fleet Feet on Thursdays but one of the moms from my MRTT group had organized a deep water running class so I thought that might be nice change of pace. I had a good time and the other moms are always so nice. I might experiment more with this in the future.


Friday- Rest day.

Saturday-6 miles @ 9:45 pace. It was 48 degrees but that wind was rough. It seemed that no matter which way I ran, I was running directly into the wind. I had planned to get 10 miles in today but that wind was killing me. I kind of wished that I had stuck it out but I know that I can run the 10 miles next weekend. I didn’t want to risk getting sick or anything. I am loving my new headband from FleurtyBands! It’s super cute and stays in place.

Later we went to a little Easter egg hunt at the high school by our house. Haylie was a pro!


Sunday- Orange Theory. It was strength day, so there was a lot of running uphill on the treadmill and heavy weight lifting. It was a good workout and I’m sure my arms will be sore tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week!

Did you try out any new workouts this week?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Cherry Blossom 10 miler Training (1 week to go!)

  1. I want to try out orange theory! There’s a studio coming to Pittsburgh soon and I’ve got to try it out. I used to wear Ravennas as well and love them. They’re nice, normal, no-frills shoes. I really like your colors! Great week of workouts :)Good luck in your final week!!! SO exciting!


    1. You should certainly try it out Gretchen! Orange theory is a great workout. Thanks! It feels like I’ve been looking forward to this race forever and now it’s only a few days away.


  2. It was so windy some of the days this past week! I was out there on Thursday too but stuck to indoors on Saturday. The wind was so strong, we lost power for a few seconds.
    I haven’t really tried any new workouts in awhile, but maybe once I’m done with marathon training, I’ll be up for some good suggestions this summer. What is Orange Theory by the way?


    1. Orange Theory is a hate-rate monitored interval training workout. Part of the class is done on the treadmill and rower, then the rest is done on the floor with weights and straps. Each class is 60 minutes and the workout changes every time. It’s supposed to stimulate metabolism and increase energy, and you continue to burn calories up to 36 hours afterward.

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  3. Haha I tried this crazy thing called RESTING. Very new to me. It seems to be working in my favor too. 🙂 I’m so glad you love your new shoes! And I’m kind of sad to not be running Cherry Blossom this year. You’re going to have such a great race!


    1. I’m so glad the resting is working for you! Some times you just have to take it easy. Thanks! I’m so excited for the race! It’s going to be so beautiful!


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