Thinking out Loud: New Stuff!

I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud!

This week I seem to have a lot of new things going on, so I figured that I would chat a bit about that.

1. To start with I got my hair cut! Well really it was a trim to cut off all of my slits ends and make my hair look less dead but anyway. It had been about 4 months and was long overdue. It feels so much better now. I’d do it more often if it was a bit cheaper but I love the girl I go to so I work it out. She was asking me what I do with my hair when I wear it down. Hahaha. That never happens! I’m either at work, playing with my daughter, working out or occasionally sleeping, and none of those things require me to actually do anything with my hair. That’s why I’m keeping it long though, at least for now. It’s just so easy to pull it back into a ponytail and go. I’ve seen girls running with their hair down and all I can think it how crazy that would make me.

It always looks so much better when she styles my hair!
It always looks so much better when she styles my hair!

2. Nuun! I love Nuun. They have so many options. My favorite, by far, is the strawberry lemonade but I haven’t tried any that I really don’t like yet. I picked up a few new flavors this week since I had some reward points burning a hole in my pocket at Fleet Feet. I also tried the lemon lime flavor at out group run last week which was nice and refreshing. I need that one too!

IMG_5901The tropical was my least favorite. It was still pretty good and I’ll definitely drink it but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting I guess. I really liked the fruit punch. It was  a subtle play on Hawaiian Punch that I drank as a kid. So good! I also liked the watermelon. It has kind of a Jolly Rancher taste to it.

3. New Shoes! That’s right my new shoes have arrived. They still have that new shoe smell! I can’t wait to take them out for their inaugural run later today! I’m hoping that they are as awesome to run in as they look.

IMG_59024. Frozen Greek Yogurt?! I admit that I haven’t actually tried these yet but I don’t see how they can’t be wonderful. I hope to pick some up this weekend and let you know. They have sea salt caramel that sounds amazing too! I learned about these on instagram this week from Run Salt Run.

IMG_5885What’s your favorite Nuun flavor? Have you tried these frozen Greek yogurt bars?


8 thoughts on “Thinking out Loud: New Stuff!

  1. Ooooh your hair looks Great! I didn’t know it was so long!

    Nuun-i have only tried the berry. That too is delicious. I used it for the 1st time training for RnR. DC. I am definitely a fan now.

    Look at those cute shoes!! I hope to get some new ones this Spring.

    I have never had frozen yogurt-i know crazy right!! That salted caramel is right up my alley!

    Have a great day and enjoy your run later in your new shoes. I am going to try to go for a run later since the weather is going to be so nice.


    1. Thanks! Yeah most people don’t realize how long it is since it’s always pulled back. 🙂

      Nuun is great! I’m trying to come up with ways to re-purpose the containers. I saw a few people use them to store almonds in. Pretty cool!

      New shoes are always fun! I hope you can get a new pair soon.

      You totally need to try frozen yogurt! It’s so yummy!

      Have a great day and enjoy your run! The weather is finally starting to improve.


  2. I’m the same way with wearing my hair down. I can do it when I’m out and distracted with other things, but when I’m at home or trying to get work done then it drives me CRAZY when it’s in my face. Right now it’s up in a nice little messy bun on the top of my head, and that’s where I like it 😉


  3. Ohh which Brooks did you get? They’re really cute! I’ve been loving my Pureflows. So comfortable!

    Nuun is also my absolute favorite. I recently got grape and I’m obsessed with it! I have to stop myself from drinking it constantly!!


    1. I got the Ravenna this time. I’ve had the adrenaline in the past and loved them.

      Grape Nuun sounds good! I think they have an orange one too that I would love to try! So many options!


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