Weekly Recap: Cherry Blossom 10 miler Training (2 weeks to go!)

This week was okay. My mom was able to come down to help watch my daughter while my husband was out-of-town, so I was still able to get my workouts in. Yay!

Monday-Rest day

Tuesday- 4+ miles @ 8:30. The weather felt pretty nice at almost 40 degrees. I should’ve kept running since I was feeling so good but I try to keep my weekday runs short since the time I spend with my daughter is so limited during the week already.

IMG_5828Wednesday- 2 miles. It just felt really chilly and windy this day. This was one time that I wished I had dressed warmer. It didn’t help that I thought it would be a good idea to run in the windiest part of town. I kept getting really bad cramps too so I just cut this run short. I really hate to do that but I honestly wasn’t gaining anything from this run.

Thursday- 5+ miles @ 8:45 pace with Fleet Feet. I was so looking forward to this run all week since it was supposed to be in the 70’s and would feel like a tropical heat wave. I finally had the chance to wear my new t-shirt from the Rock’n’Roll DC half. I love it! I was little concerned cause they were calling for rain but we got pretty lucky with that. The rain held off until about the 4th mile and then we got pretty soaked. It felt nice and helped me cool off. I can handle running in the rain for a mile when it’s that warm out.

Friday-Rest day. My mom was leaving today since my husband would be returning this evening so we did some shopping and lunch before she left town. My dad had sent down some old school animal crackers for Haylie to try out. She seemed to really enjoy them.


Saturday- 9+ miles @ 9:30 pace. It said 30 degrees but felt much cold and it was really windy again. I had actually gotten up to run at 6am but upon letting my dogs outside and discovering how cold it felt I just couldn’t do it, so I went back to bed for another 2 hours and it was amazing. I was still able to fit the run in during Haylie’s nap later. I only wore one pair of gloves so when I returned home my hands were frozen and red. I think next Christmas I will ask for a pair of hardcore running mittens! Other than the wind, I felt pretty good.

Sunday- Orange Theory. Always a nice way to start off my Sunday. Later we went to a birthday party for one of Haylie’s friends from daycare. So exciting! She loved chasing her friends around and playing. She still doesn’t know what to think of pizza but she can put away some cake!

IMG_5869  Do you have any recommendations for very warm running mittens?


8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Cherry Blossom 10 miler Training (2 weeks to go!)

  1. OMG! those animal crackers bring back memories! Makes me think of the old fashion McDonalds cookies too. I use to love those!

    If your daughter is not the cutest!!! A girl after my own heart-who needs pizza when you can have CAKE!!!!

    I am still trying to find good running gloves/mittens too! I went out running Saturday night and brrrr-fingers were numb and I had on ‘winter running gloves’ NOT!!!


    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about McDonald’s cookies. So good! Frosted animal cookies are yummy too.

      Life is short, eat dessert first! 🙂

      Winter running gloves, such a lie!


  2. Great job on the running! Thursday running was the absolute best – so nice and warm. It was upsetting that it got so cold again this weekend. I bailed on outdoor running because of that. I’m just so tired of being cold ALL THE TIME. Let’s hope it warms up soon!! Especially for weekend runs 🙂


  3. We shouldn’t have to be wearing mittens anymore!! What is up with this weather!?
    Another great week of training and loving that pic of your little cutie! My B loves pizza now but it took a long time for her to warm up to it. 🙂


    1. I know right?! It looks like it may finally be starting to warm up. Fingers crossed! Thanks! It just seems odd for a child to not like pizza with all of its cheesy goodness. I’m sure it’ll grow on her eventually.


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