Favorite Springtime Foods!


It’s the Friday Five with: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Favorite Springtime Foods. I love Spring especially after what seemed like a long, dreary winter.

1. Corn on the cob. It’s absolutely amazing and can be seasoned anyway that your heart desires. We’ve started cooking it on the grill which is also great. Truth be told, I still prefer it boiled on the stove but the grill makes less dishes, and less dishes always wins in my book.

2. Champagne mango. We discovered these little gems a year or two ago and I don’t know how I lived without them. They are a little sweeter than regular mango and oh so good! The only thing I don’t like about eating them is have to wait for my husband to pick me up some more. I’ve even gotten over my annoyance with the very large mango seed.

They are Haylie approved!
They are Haylie approved!

3. Cherry tomatoes. Every year my husband grows a lovely garden in our yard. I take no part in this. Not because I’m lazy but because I kill plants like it’s my job. I’m really doing us both a favor by not helping since we actually want to eat the vegetables. He seems to have the best of luck with cherry tomatoes. They are so delicious that I just snack on them constantly. I just grab a handful and go. Sometimes my husband has to ask me not to eat them all if he’s planning on using some for our dinner.

4. Berries. I really love all berries. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. They are all great. I’m especially fond of blackberries because they remind me of picking them on my Grandma’s farm as a child. Then we would soak them in milk and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. Good times!

5. Cucumbers. These are another of my vegetables favorites. They are great to just slice up and snack on. So fresh!

I know some of these things are more summer items but as soon as it starts to warm up and that snow melts this is what I crave! Spring makes me think of freshness.


16 thoughts on “Favorite Springtime Foods!

  1. I’m not a huge cucumber fan, but my husband typically grows them in the garden and then thinly slices and lightly pickles them in vinegar with onions for a cucumber salad. I will definitely eat them that way!


  2. I’m looking forward to our farmers market opening so I can buy lots of fresh vegetables. We also have a small garden and the herbs, tomatoes and peppers taste so good freshly picked!


  3. MANGOES!!!! YUMMY!! My grandmother had a mango tree in her pack yard in Jamaica and when I stayed there in the summers, we would wake up to dropping mangoes and run outside to get them!!! I love every kind of mango and love to make mango salsa in the summer when they are most ripe.


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