Friday Favorites!


I’m trying out the Friday Five with these three ladies: Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney today! Today’s topic is Friday Favorites. I have a lot of favorites so it may be tough to narrow it down but I’ll try!

1. Coffee. I absolutely love coffee and I don’t think I could get through my day without it! Since I tend to not get enough sleep, I’m pretty much a zombie in the morning until I reach the required amount of caffeine in my system.

2. Pure Barre. It’s such a great total body workout and it’s low impact which is a nice change of pace. I managed to free my car of the mound of snow that it was buried under to go to a 6am class this morning. I was so glad that it wasn’t canceled because of the weather.


3. Under Armour Tights. I was looking at these tights months ago and decided I didn’t need them. I eventually broke down and purchased them. Luckily they were even on sale by then! I love these tights so much that I got them in two different colors. I can wear them to work out in or even around the house. Seriously they are so comfy! Is it bad that pretty much my entire wardrobe these days consists of workout attire?!


4. My daughter. She continues to grow and amaze me every single day! I can’t believe that she’s 18 months old already. It’s crazy how time flies! It seems like she’s learning a million new words every day.

IMG_55815. Running. I love running and pretty much anything that is running related. I also love to buy running related things that I “need.” It’s an addiction but at least it’s a healthy one!

What are your favorite things?


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