Rock’n’Roll Training: Week 10

Only 2 more weeks until Rock’n’Roll! It’s always crazy how fast time goes! This week was a bit slow at work, which was amazing. It gave me extra time to get things done around the house that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Monday-rest day. I did make some more delicious fruit tarts at work.


Tuesday- 4 miles. I decided to brave the elements again as the temperature was pretty decent at 25 degrees and sunny. The sidewalks left a lot to be desired but it was still way better than the previous Sunday.

Wednesday- I had an additional orange theory class that I had to fit in since one was canceled earlier in the month so I decided to do that on Friday and take today as my other rest day.

Thursday- I was off work, so I spent the day packing. It was a lot of lugging boxes downstairs, which was a bit of a workout in and of itself. We’re downsizing in an effort to try to get our townhouse ready to sell in the next few months. With all of my daughter’s things, we seem to have outgrown our current house. It snowed that morning, so they ended up canceling our Fleet Feet run again. I was pretty bummed, since I would have to hit the treadmill at the gym to get my 5 miles in. It surprisingly was a good run. I’ve been trying to go at a faster pace on the treadmill to compensate for my slower outside paces lately. I also ran into a friend 2 treadmills down that I hadn’t seen in a while, so we had a nice chat. Oddly enough I had a headache since I woke up that morning. I had almost talked myself out of running that day because of it, but as soon as I started running it was gone. Anyway, this turned out to be a surprisingly great run.

Friday- I went Orange Theory at 6:45. It was tornado day, which is basically very short intervals at high intensity. We quickly moved from the treadmill to the floor to the rowers, etc. I was beat afterwards but it felt great! I started feeling all the squats that we did on Saturday after my long run. Some foam rolling helped with that.


Saturday- 11 miles. It was a cold 10 degrees! The sidewalks continue to improve but still are greatly slowing down my pace. It will be clear for a little bit and then suddenly it’s all snow and ice. The snow is one thing but the ice is hazardous. My goal for next winter is to find a way to keep my hands warm. I had 2 pairs of gloves and it they basically did nothing. I’ve even tried hand warmers and they didn’t seem to help at all either. My husband suggested a good pair of mittens. I’m going to sound like a giant wimp but I went through a lot of emotions on that run, all because of my hands. At one point, I wanted to cry because they hurt so bad, then I wanted to call my husband to come get me and I even wanted to thaw out in a grocery store or gas station for a bit. Thankfully, I did none of those things and was able to push through. Right after I got home, I came across that article in Run Haven that I mentioned in my last post and felt much better. Running really is almost as much mental as it is physical. This winter is making me a more determined person, so for that I am grateful! My birthday is next Thursday and I have requested 60 degrees and sunshine. I’ll let you know how that goes! Haha

Later we took a quick trip to the Dutch Market by our house to get out for a little bit. They had these delicious “fiber balls” which I now need to replicate.

chocolate covered pretzels
chocolate covered pretzels

Sunday: I finished my weekend off with some more Orange Theory. It was strength day, so not as intense as Friday, which was good because my thighs were still feeling the burn. Those Sumo squats are rough!

I hope everyone has a lovely week! Any suggestion for keeping my hands warm would be greatly appreciated!


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