Training Week 9 (aka the week that winter defeated me)

To begin with, here is some lovely cheesecake that I made on Sunday!


This was not a great week weather wise. We had another pretty rough snow storm Monday into Tuesday, so it was really cold and the sidewalks were a mess. This is how my week went.

Monday: Rest day. Snow began.

Tuesday: Honestly, I just didn’t want to deal with the cold anymore. I did 3 miles on the treadmill that afternoon. This is why I keep my planet fitness membership. While I would much rather run outside, sometimes it’s just not possible. I also spent a half an hour shoveling the driveway Tuesday morning since I still had to go into work that day. People need their cookies!

Wednesday: 5 boring miles on the treadmill. I had a feeling that they would cancel our group run on Thursday because it was supposed to be frickin’ freezing so I just figured that I would try to get my 5 mile run in today.

Thursday: I ended up calling this a rest day since, sure enough they canceled the run. I was bummed but glad to avoid the cold at the same time. I figured that I would double up my workouts on Friday.

Friday: I had the day off from work so I went to Pure Barre in the morning. I bought a package of 5 classes off Amazon that I need to use up. I love Pure Barre! It’s an awesome workout and much harder than I realized it would be. I’d love to continue going after my package expires but it’s crazy expensive! So after that it was off to the Hershey Spa. I asked my husband for a pedicure from there for my birthday last year, well my birthday is coming around again in less than 2 weeks so I figured that I had better make use of it before my time was up. I got there early so I could get a few miles in on the treadmill then shower and relax before my appointment. While I do prefer to run outside, the view was quite nice. I did a quick 3 miles then enjoyed my spa day.


Saturday- I went to Orange Theory. It was a great class! Ahmad always has the best music to get me pumped.

Sunday- We were supposed to have a group run with my MRTT group but it was canceled because of the darn snow. I decided that since it was in the 40’s I had to get outside. No more treadmill for me! I even waited until afternoon thinking that the sidewalks would be clear but oh how wrong I was. I ran 10k, if you can call bounding through the snow running. I wanted to enjoy the weather but my feet were so soggy and cold. I really didn’t think that through. But I did it and I didn’t make my husband come get me. So, I guess it worked out. I need to go put my shoes by a vent to dry.

Have a great week! Here’s hoping for better weather this week!


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